At bingopin.com you can post your pins with your own story with embedded pictures from Instagram, 500px and Pinterest.

Here is a list of frequent questions.

Do I have to be registered to Pinterest to join BingoPin?
No, you can have an Instagram or a 500px account.

Can my post include Instagram or 500px embedded links?
Yes. You need to send your links and story by mail to athenes.fever@gmail.com

How do I join bingopin.com?
Send an email request at athenes.fever@gmail.com or message athensfever through Pinterest. Alternatively, you can follow the board. You'll be sent and invitation to the BingoPin board.

I do not want to join the BingoPin board. Can I still post to bingopin.com?
Yes, just send us your pins and your story by Email.

How do I post my story to BingoPin?
First, post your pins to the BingoPin board on Pinterest. Then, by pinterest message or Email you send your story or description along with a title for your post.

How many pins can I include in a post?
1 to 20 pins are allowed.

How many words should my description or story include?
There is no limitation.

Can I include a YouTube video to my post?

Can I include links to external sites?
Yes, external links to sites related to your pins are allowed. Also, links to your website blog or Facebook page are allowed.

I do not write English. Can I write in my native language?
Yes, as long as it is supported by Google Translate.

Can I invite other pinners to join BingoPin board?
Yes, you can do this using the invite button at the top of the board.