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Animals at Play

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Hudson is the name of the dog in these pictures taken in mid-November. When the polar bear approached the Eskimo dog, the owner, Brian Ladoon, a hunter and trapper living on the shore of Hudson Bay east of Churchill Maniotta, thought for the worst. Indeed, ice had not yet formed on the bay, and bears are starved because the open water prevented them from hunting. Dogs are easy prays for bears at this season. However, Hudson did not bark or try to attack the bear. Instead he wagged his tail, and invited the bear to get nearer. They both wrestled and wrapped together in cheerful and non aggressive signs. These two adversary species where in fact playing as children do.
Photos : Rober Rosing

Anastasia Scheglova

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Anastasia Scheglova Анастасия Щеглова NationalityRussianDate of Birth19 February 1995Place of BirthMoscow, RussiaHair ColorLight BrownEye ColorGreenHeight5'8" / 173CMBody Measurements(US) 34-23-35 ; (EU) 85-58-87

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Select a photographer: Maxim Guselnikov Sean Archer Alexander Vinogradov Dmitry Borisov Den Εvdokimov (Dbond) Alina Lebedeva Boris Bugaev Dmitry Grechin Tau Demidov Sasha Saharnaya Alina Valitova Ivan Gorokhov Tatyana Fakeeva Igor Koshelev Igor Petrovnin Nicolas Guerin Georgy Chernyadyev Sacha Leyendecker Pavel Smetanin Lena Dunaeva Andre Boyakov Yura Ionov Pavel Kiselev Vlad Molodez Anna B. Belova Photo Babak Fatholahi Igor Razdorskikh Alexey Kazantsev Alina Lebedeva Niko Nikolas

Photographers Anastasia Scheglova by Maxim Guseln…

Aleksandra Anielsko

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Aleksandra AnielskoNationalityPolishDate of BirthPlace of Birthheight172cmHair ColorDark beonzeEye ColorBlueMeasurements84/61/90

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Full list of photographers:
Sean Archer Radosław Kwasiborski Rooster Photography Marcin Haczyk Sagaj Photography

Photographers Sean Archer
Radosław Kwasiborski A post shared by Radosław Kwasiborski (@rkwasiborski) on Feb 16, 2016 at 3:53am PST
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Marcin Haczyk

The Colors of Japan : Vermilion

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Nezu Shrine, Tokyo
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Olga Akhunova

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Olga AkhunovaNationalityRussianDate of BirthPlace of BirthYekaterinburg, RUheight1.77 mHair ColorBlondEye ColorGreen/Grey/BlueMeasurements81 - 63 - 93 cm

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Photographers Sean Archer Olga Akhunova by Claudio Vignola A photo posted by Claudio Vignola (@claudiovignola) on Jun 26, 2016 at 4:00pm PDT
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