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Aleksander Stojanov Photography

Posted by AthensFever

Aleksander Stojanov is a photographer living and working in Berlin Germany. He specializes in large format analogue portrait photography.

He mainly shoots 8x10 film and sometimes 4x5 film.. using Foma and Ilford films. In a darkroom located in his studio, he develops everything himself in BTZS tubes as lith printing process and liquid emulsion process.

Aleksander Stojanov organizes frequently workshops in Berlin, where he uses a large format camera. In the workshop he teaches light, composition and the geometry but every participant uses their own analog or digital cameras. His upcoming workshops are in the 6th of JUNE 2020 with model @chiarab_model and on 28th of March 2020 with model @ANATO_MODEL.

Without doubt one might say that in the work of Aleksander Stojanov, the barriers between the photographer, model and the camera disappear producing exceptional portraits captures.


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