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Sushi - Japan

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A brief introduction to three selected sushi types.

Edomaezushi also known as Nigirizushi or Edo Style Sushi was made 200 years ago from fish caught in the Tokyo bay known at that time as Edo. Then, the sushi was three time larger than contemporary sushi, it was sold on mobile food stalls more like street food.

Saba sushi isn't made as the traditional sushi we are familiar with. Cured mackerel is salted, and then marinated in vinegar before being laid under the sushi rice, it is then rapped in a kelp combo which is boiled in vinegar, and again in bamboo leaves, it is then rested overnight. It is eaten it without soy sauce.

While Nigirizushi and Saba sushi both have the acidic bite of vinegar rice, earlier sushi in history didn't use vinegar. Funazushi (Narezushi) uses fresh fish Funa where all internal organs except for the ovaries are removed, then the fish is salted, then descaled and packed in rice for several months to a year. The rice is gradually liq…

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