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Brittany Lighthouses - France

Posted by AthensFever

FinistèreFrance This collection of lighthouses pictures demonstrating the power of the furious winds and gigantic waves, are taken on the northwest coast of France, in the extreme west of Brittany.

La Jument lighthouse is probably the most famous. It is located off-coast of the island of Ushant. La Jument became very popular in 1989 after a series of photos of the lighthouse shot by photographer Jean Guichard. At that time, he used a helicopter in extreme weather conditions to take pictures of lighthouses in the area. When the helicopter approached La Jument, the lighthouse keeper Théodore Malgorn went outside to see what is happening. At that exact moment a huge wave struck the lighthouse from behind. The picture of the man at the eye of the storm became one of the most reproduced images in the world.

Further to the south in the in the strait 'Raz de Sein', there are three other lighthouses: La Vieille, Tavernec and the so called Big Lighthouse of Sein

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