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Wagyu Beef

Posted by athensfever

Japanese meat dish called Shabu-Shabu consists of finely sliced Wagyu meat that is boiled in a water pot. The meat is sliced so finely that you can practically see through it. The texture of the meat is creamy, and when you eat it, the meat melts on the tongue in a few seconds like butter. This is the highest grade of Japanese Wagyu meat which is completely different from most chewy beef westerns normally enjoy. the meat color ranges from pink to fresh red with thin strati of white fats spreading all through it, giving it a marbling that is called in Japanese 'sashi'. This marbling is one of the vital elements that show how good or bad the meat is. One region that produces Wagyu meat is Matsusaka region of Mie prefecture, 400kn away of Tokyo. There cabs are fattened and raised for about two years till they are ready for the market. The cows are well taken care of during this period, with growing techniques vary from farm to farm. Rumors associate the meat…

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