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Cayetano González Photography

Posted by AthensFever

Cayetano González is a Spanish photographer and cinematographer based in Barcelona. Only natural light is used in his portraits. He can be joined at

website iconWeb site
Cayetano González | Vimeo
instagram iconCayetano González (@aboutlight_) • Instagram photos


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Sean Archer - Photographer

Posted by Athensfever

Sean Archer managed within two years since his first photo post on, to get international recognition for his work. His real name is Stanislav Puchkovsky, from Yekaterinburg - Russia. He studied at the Institute of Architecture, where he practiced his talent in drawing, and made his first steps in photography. His first camera was a Panasonic Lumix G3 that he bought more for fun, as a gadget, using it to take pictures of his friends. In his words, he was born as a photographer when he bought the Olympus Zuiko 45/1.8 lens and did his first portraits photography.

Sean Archer uses natural light for photography, without any reflectors, only the windows shades of his small apartment to control light.

Today, Sean Archer has on 500px about 90,000 followers and 45 million photos views. His pictures made the cover of major photo magazines, and his photos are used in various editions from New York to Honk Kong.

On the web:
Sean Archer (SeanArcher) Photos - 500px
Sean Archer Photography - Facebook
Sean Archer (@sean_archer_photo) • Instagram
Sean Archer •
Sean Archer • Flickr
Sean Archer Models •

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